Thursday, August 24, 2017

Avenues to Christian Spirituality 2017

Avenues to Christian Spirituality: An Intergenerational and Family Day of Exploration

The Wider Parishes of Southern Cayuga County invite everyone to experience Christian spirituality again this year. Building on last year’s offering, the experiences will be facilitated through a series of independent workshops on Sunday, September 10th from 1 P.M. – 5 P.M. at the United Ministry of Aurora, 337 Main St., Aurora, NY 13026. This Family Day of Exploration is geared for those who are interested in delving into different avenues of spirituality. The afternoon also speaks to those who feel a sense of spirituality, but shy away from religion, by having them engage in practical spiritual explorations.
The independent workshops will be repeated throughout the afternoon from 1:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M. Six individual experiences will be offered. One experience is Walking the Labyrinth – both physically and figuratively. This offers an opportunity to follow the ancient discipline of walking with God toward the center of self as a way to focus personal prayer and meditation. This will be complemented with the opportunity to explore various forms of labyrinths by making your own labyrinth to take home with you to use in your intentional closeness to God.
Another experience will be song and silence in Taizé worship. The quieting, mystical, prayer of Taizé is developed through song, silence, and spiritual intersection. A third experience will be Religious Art through Rubbings which will enable the participant to discover the mindful connection with God through the deliberate transference of religious objects onto rice paper. Another experience will allow individuals to participate in Liturgical Dance either through direct involvement, that is by physically dancing, or by observing others before entering into the experience themselves. Remembering that Miriam, Moses’ sister, danced with her friends on the shore of the Red Sea after completing their exodus from Egypt, the participant is invited to capture the spiritual excitement of dancing in praise to God.
The fifth experience will be Avenues to Personal Prayer in which the adventurer is invited to take home personal prayers for use in their family and personal prayer life. The plans are to allow participants to explore the prayers as they look out from the shoreline of Cayuga Lake. The last experience that will be offered is Queries in which the participant is led through a series of questions (queries) with an invitation to reflect on these questions for the goal of relating them to their personal experience. It is based upon the understanding that the deeper realities of Christian spirituality can also be found beyond precise verbal formulations such as those found in formal liturgies, rituals, rites, and collected formularies.
The afternoon will be capped off with music provided by The Harvesters, from 4:15 P.M. – 5:00 P.M., in the shoreline amphitheater or inside the sanctuary in case of inclement weather. The Harvesters are a local gospel quartet who have been performing for over ten years in the Cayuga area.
The Wider Parish invite everyone to this afternoon of inspiration. Participants are invited to come and go as they like, to experience any or all of the workshops, with all ages being welcome!